About MO-VoIP.net


Seeing the need to push forward with VoIP technologies in the state of Missouri, the *MISSOURI* conference server came into existence during the winter of 2009.  This server is located in a data center which has tremendous bandwidth, battery backup, and should that fail, generator backup.  The *MISSOURI* conference server is currently configured to allow up to 500 concurrent connections.

With much help from Henry, KB0ROX, the server finally came online and an email was sent out to all repeater and link node administrators throughout the state of Missouri.  It was then that the idea of the Missouri VoIP net was born.

Jeremy, KD0EAV, contacted John, KC0NRO, and the two tested the conference server and discussed the different possibilities of having a state-wide VoIP net.  After several months of emailing back and forth and developing an NCS script, the net is ready for it's maiden voyage on September 14th, 2009.

The net is open to all amateurs throughout the state of Missouri and the surrounding areas.  It is our hope that this net will facilitate area wide communications throughout Missouri and push the hobby forward with today's technology.

We look forward to hearing you on Monday nights at 8pm central time!